Childcare and Abortion

Raising children should not be a for-profit industry. Families should have the resources to raise happy, healthy families, when and how and if they choose, regardless of how much money we make.

Our platform focuses on healthcare, abortion, childcare, and education. We believe the decision of whether and when to start a family is deeply personal. If the answer is no, we support people in that choice, and if the answer is yes, we support them too.

Public Childcare

Today childcare is too expensive for families. Parents often can’t find childcare that is convenient, high-quality, and flexible. There are weak regulations and standards, and the workers who care for our children are underpaid and exploited. It’s time we provide public childcare just like we provide public school. It will be free for all Americans, and we will hire skilled, union workers because our children deserve to be nurtured in a safe environment.

No Compromise on Abortion

There is a war in America against our right to control our own bodies, and we will do what it takes to win our freedom. I will only support judges who are pro-choice, support pro-choice jurisprudence, and have a history of supporting abortion access and gender equality.

Medicare for All and the Hyde Amendment

No program can be called universal healthcare if it does not cover all crucial medical procedures, including abortion. When we repeal the Hyde Amendment, which bans using federal money to pay for abortion, and pass Medicare for All, which will use federal money to pay for healthcare, all reproductive healthcare will be available without cost, including birth control, abortion, and prenatal care.

Paid Family Leave

Parents deserve paid time off to care for children. Time off must be provided to all parents, both to those recovering from childbirth and those who are not, because welcoming new adopted children and supporting partners recovering from childbirth are both crucially important jobs. I fought for Paid Sick Days here in Austin and we won. Now it’s time to fight for paid parental leave for all.

Reproductive Justice

We will make sure people in the military and their partners, people incarcerated in prisons and immigrant detention centers, and people living on reservations have access to birth control, abortion, and quality prenatal care. I support national healthcare funding for unbiased studies on reproductive healthcare; especially to close the care gap between white and Black maternal care. We will remove the sales tax from period products and distribute period products and contraceptives in schools. I support stronger employment protections for pregnant and breastfeeding people, the removal of state-level abortion restrictions such as the waiting period, the requirement that medically inaccurate information be shared with patients, and fetal-remains laws that strip agency from people seeking healthcare. I support grants to fund a nationwide comprehensive sex education program.

Support for New Families

Raising children is difficult enough without the financial burden. I support the People’s Policy Project’s Family Fun Pack, which includes free childcare and paid parental leave, and also includes free school lunch and a box sent to families with newborn children that includes essential items.