Organizing for Political Revolution

Heidi is fighting for a political revolution to transform our system.

A Political Revolution to Transform Our System

Electing the right people isn’t enough. We saw during the Obama administration how the system is rigged against popular change — even with overwhelming support and a mandate for change, organized money swarmed our nation’s first Black president and defeated his most progressive proposals.

All structural change in American history — Civil Rights, weekends, eight-hour workday, queer liberation, women’s autonomy — was won not with votes alone but from the working class struggling against the powerful. Our campaign is running on a bold agenda that will not be easy to pass, and we will need millions of people taking action to fix a broken system. What we have to answer is this: What do we want to struggle for today? How will we struggle? Who must we bring into the fight in order to win?

Organizer Role Models

We know that this work is possible because we’ve seen it done. This campaign draws inspiration from a number of organizers in office — people like Sen. Bernie Sanders, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Pramila Jayapal, and Austin City Councilmember Gregorio Casar.

Bernie uses the power of his platform to strengthen grassroots movements, driving turnout to picket lines and protests, and moving dozens of demands including Medicare for All from the fringe to the mainstream.

AOC mobilized her district to block Amazon from setting up shop in Queens and brought environmental justice organizers into a seat at the table for a Green New Deal.

Rep. Jayapal built Medicare for All legislation by bringing as many communities to the table as possible, leading to a stronger bill garnering more support with every additional voice.

Greg Casar builds strength in our city’s organizing community to move fellow council-members on issues like Paid Sick, the largest housing bond in Texas history, and the rights of the homeless.

Like these leaders, I plan to govern with one boot in office fighting for legislative changes, and one boot in the movement, building the grassroots power needed to change a rigged system.