Accountable to People, Not Money

We know who will get us into office. We pledge to never be distracted from the voices of our neighbors.


  • We will pay no dues to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC).
  • We will spend time learning from and investing in unions. We pledge to meet union members, answer questions, and educate ourselves about the barriers to union growth that we must overcome.
  • We commit to open town halls and going out into our district throughout the course of our time in office, not just before we win the election. When we fight for proposals that are controversial, we commit to taking responsibility for building consensus with our constituents through education and outreach. We will be working for the community and are therefore responsible for understanding their needs.
  • We will not be swayed by lobbyists, corporate money, or the political establishment. We know the pressure elected officials experience in office to change their positions, but we have the conviction as well as the community support to ensure we will not waver.