Fighting Our Enemies

We need each other to defeat the power of the rich.

One of the greatest barriers to working-class power is that the working class is deliberately lied to about who our enemies are. Immigrants, people of color, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, and poor people are all scapegoated for the problems created by the ruling class.

We are here to create working-class unity because we need each other to defeat the power of the rich, so I pledge to fight against the real enemy we share in common.


  • We pledge to make clear to our constituents who our enemies are in every fight. The enemy in the fight for decent wages is not immigrants, but the bosses. The enemy in the fight for housing justice is not the houseless poor, but the landlords.
  • We pledge to identify clear targets when we fight for legislation. Whether it is the industries that will mobilize lobbyists to stop us, centrists who will water down our demands, or right-wingers who will lie to the public and fearmonger about our goals, we will never hesitate to call out bad actors and make it clear to our supporters who we are fighting against.
  • We will use our platform to call out our enemies by name and to show people how to fight against them. Outrage must lead to action, not despair.
  • We promise to understand the difference between working class people who have been lied to and members of the ruling class who are our real enemies. We will be clear that we stand against racism, patriarchy, homophobia, classism, imperialism, and xenophobia in all that we do, and we will make no excuses for any of these beliefs either among our supporters or among members of the working class who oppose us. But we will always mobilize and fight against those who control the levers of power and who profit off of our suffering.