Green New Deal

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports make clear that to address climate crisis will require climate justice. We stand at the crossroads of the greatest existential threat ever faced by humanity, and without a massive international mobilization of people against capital, we face a world that will become increasingly impossible to survive. We must take every single opportunity to stave off the worst effects of climate change, but we also believe these opportunities represent doors to a better world for all of us if we step through them.

The Green New Deal we envision is one that democratizes every part of our society — our workplaces, our energy grid, and our homes. We will fight for a Green New Deal in a way that illuminates that world to all of us because it will take all of us to win it.


  • We recognize that organized labor is key to passing a transformative Green New Deal and that this work requires strengthening unions and ensuring they have a voice in the creation of Green New Deal legislation. We commit to demanding the creation of millions of union jobs with good wages and safe working conditions as the driving force of the Green New Deal.
  • We will build coalition with environmental groups like the Sunrise Movement, Sierra Club, and to mobilize and promote action around the Green New Deal.
  • We will build coalition with stakeholders from the building trades, from rural America, from indigenous communities, and from frontline communities, domestic, and international, already impacted by climate change.
  • We will fight the production of all new pipelines and pipeline infrastructure in Texas and across the United States.
  • We will promote organic sustainable farming practices in coalition with groups like Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and the Young Farmers Coalition.