Housing Is a Human Right

We commit ourselves to a platform that declares housing insecurity, displacement, and homelessness are unacceptable. We must fight to make housing into a more political issue, one that prioritizes people over money and removes the profit motive from our homes.


  • We will inform our community about the role of the profit motive in housing injustice, and we will work to advance the decommodification of housing as the solution to this injustice. Housing should be for people, not for profit, and we need collective ownership of homes through public housing, cooperatives, and community land trusts in order to restore democracy in housing.
  • We will identify developers, bankers, and corporations that tear apart our communities and name them as enemies.
  • Will use our platform to support tenant organizing and tenant actions against landlords.
  • We will write policy with tenants, tenant organizers, displaced individuals, and people who have experienced homelessness at the table.
  • We will articulate, alongside our teachers, healthcare workers, labor organizers, and faith community leaders, that housing security is a linchpin for community resiliency and public health. We will seek to overcome a siloed vision of justice by mobilizing representatives from all of these institutions to help us build a more unified housing justice movement.
  • Will constantly assert that housing is a human right and that displacement and homelessness are unacceptable.