Invest in New Leaders

We will work to develop the next generation of political leaders. Good leaders grow leaders. We would never have imagined taking on a millionaire Republican incumbent if we had not had years of support from electeds and organizers, both in our community and across the country.


  • We pledge to grow organizers, knowing from experience that organizers are both necessary to the work of creating change and can become powerful insurgent candidates. We will accomplish this work by creating opportunities for people to organize around every political battle we engage in, by providing trainings through our office, and by connecting new organizers with experienced organizers to show them the ropes.
  • For a working-class person to run for office requires overcoming dozens and dozens of barriers. We pledge to use the knowledge we have gained on the campaign trail to serve as a resource to others in the community who share our ideals as they run for office. We will provide trainings on how to run grassroots campaigns, and we pledge to always connect new candidates with United Professional Organizers as they seek a campaign staff to hire.
  • When constituents contact us about issues in their communities, we will either connect them with organizations working on those issues or we will help teach them how to organize to address those issues with their neighbors and coworkers.