Medicare for All

Any politician that negotiates profit in exchange for life expectancy serves Wall Street, not the people. We understand the facts about Medicare for All — that it is both the most financially responsible and morally just proposal on the table with respect to the healthcare crisis in the United States, and that any attempts to water down this proposal jeopardize its ability to be effective in providing health care on demand to all of our people regardless of wealth.

We commit to one vision of Medicare for All, we accept no substitutes, and we’re ready to do what it takes to win.


  • We recognize that National Nurses United and other unions hold the keys to passing Medicare for All, and will partner with them to build rank and file support. We commit to working with unions to build support for M4A and to bring more unions into the fight to win it.
  • We will build an organization of all district residents who demand Medicare for All and facilitate meetings where they can organize for power.
  • We will publicly ask house members to support Medicare for All, and we will engage in constant conversation with our fellow officeholders to move more individuals to support the proposal.
  • We will never call a proposal Medicare for All unless it is truly Medicare for All. If a bill does not account for all five of our demands, it is not Medicare for All and we will protect the public from misleading information by calling out such deceptive imitations. Our five demands around Medicare for All are
    1. A single health program, not a patchwork
    2. Comprehensive coverage including all services that require a medical professional
    3. Free at the point of service, eliminating fees, copays, deductibles, and premiums
    4. Universal coverage for all US residents
    5. A just transition including public-sector jobs and severance for all workers impacted by the abolition of private insurance
  • We will pursue health justice as an intersectional and ongoing goal. Winning Medicare for All is one step in a long process of creating equity and justice in healthcare, and after we win Medicare for All, we must continue fighting for food justice, to remove other barriers to care, to destigmatize mental health disorders, to win more free time for workers to engage in exercise, and many other objectives. We will pursue this work alongside people and organizations across this country that are directly engaged in that work, especially National Nurses United, Democratic Socialists of America, and Our Revolution.