Fighting White Supremacy

We pledge to call out America’s history of white supremacy and how it is reflected in current-day America. Our office will never kowtow to racists or equivocate on our demand for true racial equality, and we pledge to take responsibility for fighting racism both within and without our campaign.


  • We believe that white people must do better. Holding our white neighbors to a high standard is an act of good faith and love.
  • As a white person, I promise to be accountable to feedback from communities of color on how my biases, conscious and unconscious, affect my governing and organizing. When our proposals and our work harm people of color, I will take responsibility for responding to that information and working with communities of color to address that harm.
  • We are fighting to build a mass multi-racial working class movement. To be accountable to the very high standards of that call, I pledge to hire a diverse staff, to bring people of color to every decision-making table at which I sit, and to support the work of organizers of color. Their fights are our fights, and we only win a better world if we fight together.