Supporting Independent Organizations

A political revolution can only come from the power of labor and grassroots organizers. Our office will be a hub where organizers focusing on a variety of issues — labor, tenant rights, criminal justice, racial justice, women’s rights, queer liberation, disability rights, environmentalists, immigrant justice, student issues, and others — can meet and find ways to collaborate and build our collective power.


  • We will make our office space and resources available for community meetings and actions.
  • We support and commit to help build grassroots organizations like the Democratic Socialists of America, Indivisible, Our Revolution, Movement for Black Lives, Jolt, the Austin Justice Coalition, CCU, PDL, and ADAPT.
  • We will use our platform to promote events and actions led by grassroots groups. We pledge to mobilize turnout to strikes, protests, community events, and picket lines.
  • Will encourage people to get involved and join grassroots groups. When folks come to our office about issues that affect their lives, we will both do what we can in office and direct them to organizations working on those issues.
  • We will grow new organizers by facilitating trainings, workshops, and on-the-ground opportunities.
  • As needed, we will organize, support, and promote coalition building between independent groups through access to space, fundraising, communications, advocacy, and trainings.